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The Use of Lock Wire
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Malin Co is the world’s leading supplier of lock wire. Lock wire is designed to ensure that fasteners are tight and secure. They are a positive locking device that functions as a safety mechanism to prevent the loosening of fasteners. It is usually threaded through the fasteners hole, twisted onto another part of fastener and then twisted again.
Malin’s color-coded cans make it easy to identify their lockwire types. Each can is recyclable and made from high density polyethylene. Unlike the standard paper canisters, Malin’s canisters won’t degrade and will keep lock wire free of grease and other corrosive materials. Lockwire from Malin Co is available in spools, coils, and bulk purchase.
The Use of Lock Wire

Lockwire is used to secure together two or more parts with a wire that must be installed in such a manner that any tendency for a part to loosen will be counteracted by an additional tightening of the wire.

The common method of installing lockwire shall consist of two strands of the lock wire twisted together. This is called the “Double Twist” method. The single strand method of lock wiring may be used for some applications, such as in a closely spaced, closed geometrical pattern. (triangle, square, rectangle, circle)

When multiple groups are locked by either method, the maximum number in a group should be determined by the number of unites that can be lock wired by a 24inch length of wire.

It is important not to install lock wire in a manner that the wire may be subjected to chafing, fatigue through vibration, or additional tension other than the tension imposed on the wire to prevent loosening.

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