Our stainless steel lockwire ensures that fasteners remain tight. Malin wiring mechanisms utilize a positive locking device. In turn, this prevents fasteners from falling out or loosening.

How to Use Safety Locking Wire

Unsure of how to use stainless steel lockwire? No problem! Malin is here to help. To begin, this kind of safety wire is thread through the fastening hole. Next, twist the wire, attaching it to a part of another fastener. Then, twist the safety wire one last time to ensure security.

For any questions and advice on how to properly use safety wire, reach out to our team at Malin! We’d be happy to help.
  • Copper and Brass Breakaway Safety Wire
  • Stainless Steel Aerospace Lockwire/Safetywire
  • Oxidized Inconel Aerospace Safety Wire/Lockwire
  • Inconel Aerospace Safety Wire/Lockwire
  • Monel Aerospace Safety Wire/Lockwire
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