Basement Floor Epoxy

Protect your basement flooring with OGI basement floor epoxy. Basement floor epoxy will defend the concrete underneath from stains, dirt, moisture buildup, cracks and more! We also design our epoxy taking Ohio’s weather shifts into consideration. Ohio winters are frigid, while summers are hot and humid, so we have developed a basement floor epoxy that effectively adjusts to the climate. Furthermore, our epoxy offers four times more strength and protection than standard epoxy. Standard epoxy is prone to peeling and delamination, especially in the Ohio climate, so you save money on maintenance with a superior product from OGI.

OGI basement floor epoxy provides superior protection by permanently bonding to the concrete. This epoxy also becomes completely impermeable and non-porous upon installation. As a result, no dirt, debris, stains or moisture can penetrate the surface of your flooring. Furthermore, this impermeable, slip-resistant flooring makes cleaning a breeze.

Our expert designers can transform your garage or basement into a beautiful extension of your home. Our services offer both efficacy and affordability, so you can upgrade your garage or basement within your budget. 

Basement Floor Epoxy
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