Skate Guards for Hockey Skates with Zerust Protection



Skate guards for hockey skates can prevent rust spots that can make your blades rough. This rust could lead to slips and falls during practice or even that crucial moment when you're blocking a goal during a game. 

Don't let severe rusting cause pits on your blades. This will only weaken them and basically leave your hockey skates useless. Poor maintenance along with poor storage of your expensive hockey skates is just like throwing money out the window. Maintaining proper care for day to day maintenance and storage of your skates is simple when you use Zerust's skate guards for hockey skates.

With Zerust's exclusive engineered skate guards for hockey skates you can gain peace of mind that your skates will be good to go next time you're ready to use them.


Blade covers are a necessity when storing your skates.

When you take off your blade guards, take a minute to wipe your blades and mounting surface dry.

Then apply Zerust blade covers on blades, this rust prevention technology will keep working to protect your blades while not in use. 



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