Ice Skate Guards with Zerust Protection 

Ice skate guards (also known as cloth soakers) are essential for protecting your blades while they’re being stored. 

Did you know that wet blades cause corrosion and rust bubbles which can cause mayhem while your skating on the ice?

Did you know that if you’re currently using plastic skate guard for storage you're only harboring condensation which is only going speed up the corrosion on your blade?

Do you know that you can protect your skate blades, and protect your investment simply by using ice skate guards with Zerust's Protection?

Did you know that with proper care and maintenance of your skate blades you can increase their longevity for up to five years?

Don’t let rust and corrosion render your ice skate blades unuseable. 

For more information on Ice Skate Guards with Zerust's protection and how it works visit the site below. 




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