Safety Lock Wire

For safety wire, lock wire, straightened and cut wire to length and tag wire, Malin is the #1 supplier. Since 1884, Malin Company has produced high-quality industrial wire including safety lockwire  for use in aerospace applications, industrial and hardware wholesale tasks, and more.

Safety wire or lock wire ensures the proper tightening of fasteners.  Lock wire is a positive locking device and serves as a safety wiring mechanism to prevent the fastener from falling out or loosening.
Lock Wire
One popular use for safety lock wire is motorcycles and dirt bikes. Especially when there's competition at stake. Safety lock wire is an added measure of protection for keeping critical fasteners in place. Like those of dirt bikes when limits are being pushed by hard RPMs and speeds. This constant vibration will slowly loosen these fasteners until they back out and eventually fall off your bike. Most motorcycling racing organizations and track day organizations require that participates employ some level of safety wiring to enter.
Additionally, safety lock wire is just as important for those riding on the streets as on the track. With a constant vibration, fasteners will vibrate loose be it on a highway, back street or race track. Ensure your bolts stay put especially when under stress, and with Malin's safety lock wire you can rest assure they will stay put. Race safe and Ride safe there's a life riding on it. 
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