Gun Safe Rust Prevention

Gun Safe Rust Prevention

Zerust offers superior gun safe rust prevention products to protect your firearms from rust and corrosion, including vapor capsules, gun oil, gun storage bags and more! Zerust is one of the leading providers of rust preventative products, so you can rely on them to protect your firearms.

Zerust Vapor Capsule

Zerust Vapor Capsules can provide guns and firearms with exceptional rust protection for upwards to two years. When storing your firearms, the Vapor Capsules are a cleaner and more effective alternative to your traditional gun oil which can be messy and leave a greasy residue.

How to Use Vapor Capsules

Zerust Vapor Capsules are easy to position inside of firearm storage cases and safes. They are designed with adhesive backing, so they can be easily applied to nearly any surface. Once placed, the capsules release anti-rust molecules into the air within the storage case. This vapor will protect your weapons and ammunition from rust without leaving behind residue or toxic chemicals.


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Zerust Best Gun Oil

Zerust gun oil is a rust-preventative lubricant designed to protect your firearms from corrosion. It contains biodegradable oils to:

Protect from rust

Provide lubrication

Reduce friction

Zerust gun oil is a thin spray that protects metal surfaces of your firearms from dirt, moisture and carbon fouling without leaving behind an oily residue. It also offers exceptional lubrication for protection against the wear and tear commonly associated with firearms.


Zerust gun oil is non-toxic, odorless and environmentally friendly. It will not leave residue on wood or metal, so it won’t damage stocks, grips, optics or ammunition. Zerust gun oil is ideal for the protection of your firearms whether you’re a hunter, competitive shooter or military.


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Gun Storage Bags

Zerust VCI Weapon Protection Bags are designed to defend your guns, rifles and other weapons from potential rust and corrosion. These durable gun storage bags are the ideal long term rust prevention solution for firearms.

How to Use VCI Weapon Protection Bags

Clean your weapon, place it in the bag and close it. Zerust’s odorless, non-toxic vapor will then fill the air around the firearm and protect it for up to five years. This patented technology is completely safe for use with any weapon or firearm, offering effective protection against rust and corrosion without damaging your belongings. Also, once you remove your firearm from the bag, all the vapor will dissipate.


Zerust’s VCI Weapon Protection Bags come in a wide variety of sizes with many closure options. The plain closures are secured with twist ties or zip ties, and the zip closures are self-sealing. Whether you require storage between range sessions or long term storage between hunting seasons, Zerust gun storage bags will protect your firearms.


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